How old should be a surrogate mother to qualify for an IVF program? Should the preferred age be from 20 to 27 or from 30 to 35?
  In Ukraine the requirements set forth in respect of surrogate mothers are not too burdensome. A surrogate mother should be a 20-35-year-old woman, having her own healthy child and not suffering any bodily or psychological diseases. Proceeding from our practical experience, we can recommend that our clients make their choice of a surrogate mother, mainly basing on her physical and psychological health condition. In fact, the above age ranges fit well-known groups of “biological age”, “calendar age” and “childbearing age” of a woman.  
Where do your clients come from?
  We provide our services for customers from all parts of the world. Indeed, the problem of infertility is not confined within any specific national and geographic borders.  
Did all the parents manage to take their children home?
Of course, all our Customers are safely back home with their newborn babies.
What will happen if a surrogate mother (whom I chose and paid for her preparation for IVF) is found unfit to continue the program, grounding on the test results? Would I have to choose a new surrogate mother and pay for her medical preparation again?
  In any such situation you would not bear any extra expenses! You would just choose a new surrogate mother.  
If our blood Rh factor is “minus”, would it be possible for us to seek a “plus” surrogate mother?
The preferential use of surrogate mothers having positive Rh factor is due to the fact that the rhesus-conflict risk is reduced to zero in this case. Therefore, any “minus” patient may have recourse to the services of a “plus” surrogate mother without hesitation.
If we intend to have only one child, who should we discuss this issue with?
This matter should be discussed at an early stage with the reproductologist doctor in charge of your program.
Is there any way to know if the surrogate mother smokes or consumes alcohol?
Girls who smoke or consume alcohol may not be admitted to the program. Prior to join the program, every surrogate mother must pass proper medical examination (special tests). If test results are satisfactory, she can sign the contract where all stringent regulations in respect of smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol are expressly specified. In the event of any violation of contract provisions, appropriate penalty provisions would be applied to such surrogate mother, including contract cancellation and damage recovery provisions.
Could my child inherit any character traits from the surrogate mother?
  Certainly not! Since the modern medical science has not yet invented an ideal prenatal development medium, the surrogate’s uterus performs the function of an incubator to accommodate a genetically structured embryo. Hence, every character feature and psychological structure can ONLY be inherited by the child from a man and woman whose genetic matter was used for artificial conception purposes.  
Can we stay in contact with our surrogate mother during her pregnancy, pay her visits, speak to her by phone or Skype?
If agreed upon between both parties, please feel free to maintain communication with your surrogate mother, by any convenient means, either by phone, through e-mail or via Skype. Any your involvement or attendance would be welcome!
Could a surrogate mother keep the newborn cild?
  The surrogacy laws in Ukraine give absolute support to intended parents, thus absolving a surrogate mother from all maternal rights in respect of a child whom she carries. After the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother should sign special formal documents in the presence of a lawyer and notary. As soon as the child is born, the surrogate mother should have no more contacts with the child. Besides, the contract to be signed with the surrogate mother absolves her legally from all the rights in respect of a child whom she will carry.  
Where will the surrogate mother live during the pregnancy period?
In most cases surrogate mothers stay with their families and their children. If she lives in the Kharkov oblast, she might move to a rented apartment in Kharkov as the delivery time gets closer.
What is the proper way to choose a surrogate mother?
  The main criterion is her physical and psycho-emotional health, rather than eye color, height or physiological features. The woman must have absolute physical health, be psychologically stable and adequate. We offer our patients only candidates who were proved healthy from the physical and psycho-emotional point of view and were found fit to take part in the program, grounding on the results of comprehensive medical and psychological testing.  
Could a surrogate mother get pregnant before embryo transfer?
  Such a situation is absolutely impossible. Getting ready for the transfer, the woman takes hormonal medicines, which stimulate endometrium growth and, at the same time, block the ovulation function. Therefore, a surrogate mother cannot get pregnant naturally.  
What would be medical control over her health condition and pregnancy process?
During the whole pregnancy period the professional medical personnel must carry out close control over surrogate mothers. At the same time, the special program coordinator would inform clients of the whole program process, specifics and important issues, at each particular stage of the program, In particular, the control implies detail information about the medical program, assistance in any urgent situations, if necessary, hospitalization of the surrogate mother, control over purchasing and taking appropriate medicines by the surrogate mother, informing intended parents of scheduled attendance of the clinic by the surrogate mother, medical recommendations during the pregnancy period, arrangement of delivery conditions (choice of a maternity hospital, provision of medical support and stay of the surrogate mother at the maternity department), escorting the surrogate mother to the clinic for scheduled medical attendance, visiting surrogate mothers at the place they live.
Could we be present in the delivery chamber?
The issue of arranging for partners’ delivery should be agreed upon in advance. This would involve coordination of all details of presence of a genetic mother, as well as execution of all essential admittance certificates.
Which vaccines are offered by the hospital after childbirth? Is vaccination provided?
As a rule, maternity hospitals offer hepatitis B and BCG vaccines. Regretfully, the latter vaccination is not currently applied through the lack of the vaccine. It’s up to the customers if their child has to be vaccinated. Many pediatricians recommend that vaccination should be applied. Despite it, some patients prefer that their babies be vaccinated as they are back home.
Is it possible to see our child immediately after birth?
Certainly, you can do it!
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