About us


Liudmila Pchelnikova

Director of the La Vita Nova Surrogacy Clinic She meets all first-visit patients to discuss every program-related issue in the process of introductory consultations. Liudmila is an experienced professional who contributed to the birth of thousands of newborns and made thousands of people happy parents during the entire period of successful work. She conveys the sense of inspiration and positive thinking to all our personnel.

Igor Karban

Reproductive Technology Expert He engages in running follicle stimulation cycles and assessing follicular reserves. Specialist in the field of infertility treatment. He is like a kind and careful miracle-worker who will conduct US-scanning tests and let you have very first photos of your baby.

Viktoria Gulnideyeva

Contract Department Administrator She is an amiable, friendly and well-mannered person. Her work is focused on attaining the optimum result and, which is even more important, knows the fastest and most efficient way to do it.

Zhanna Vovk

Program Department Administrator She is always attentive to every detail and prioritizes making everything as easy and pleasant as possible for our intended parents. Intended Parents can easily address her with any questions they may have during the program implementation with confidence that they will receive full answers and detailed explanations.

Natalia Tsyganok

Psychologist, coordinator of pregnancy control processes She is the best care taker of pregnant surrogate mothers and our successful parents. Natalia finds the process very rewarding and works with big enthusiasm and inspiration. She coordinates and manages the medical appointments for pregnant surrogate mothers and always has an accurate and timely updates for our successful parents. She is always capable of finding the right words and an individual approach in each particular case.

Marina Sutyrina

Coordinator in oocyte donation and surrogacy programs Marina carries out direct control over surrogate mothers and egg donors, stays in close touch with all our doctors and, hence, is in possession of all essential information about each patients. She coordinates and manages the database of egg donors and surrogate mothers and always has an accurate and timely advice regarding the potential candidates for the programs.

Svetlana Litvinova

Coordinator in oocyte donation programs She maintains all medical records. Svetlana is a highly disciplined and punctual person, neat worker who respects her clients and loves her job.

Why Do Clients Choose La Vita Nova IVF Clinic?

La Vita Nova IVF Clinic offers guaranteed IVF programs “ALL-INCLUSIVE”. La Vita Nova’s specialists are held responsible for the fulfillment of each particular stage of an infertility treatment program, involving the use of a surrogate mother, beginning from the stage of preparation of preselected candidates for the IVF program, and till the time of your successful going back home, together with your newborn child. Your personal program coordinator will stay in close contact with you and will inform you of each next step of the process.

La Vita Nova Clinic is in possession of an extensive database of oocyte donors, belonging to European, Asian and Afro-American races. All our egg donors are proved healthy, with no genetic diseases, having their own healthy children. The donors underwent comprehensive medical testing at our clinic and are found fit and ready to start a program.

La Vita Nova IVF Clinic guarantees that your child will be carried by an absolutely healthy surrogate mother, both physically and psychologically, having no evil habits. A surrogate mother stays under our close control 24 hours a day, seven days a week both at the stage of her preparation for the IVF program and during her pregnancy.

Thanking to the use of top-quality medications and most advanced genetic-laboratory equipment, La Vita Nova’s infertility treatment and surrogacy programs can GUARANTEE THE BIRTH OF A HEALTHY CHILD!

We can also offer you:

  • transfer services;
  • comfortable accommodation during your visits to our clinic;
  • interpreters’ services;
  • the services of your personal program coordinator.

From the moment of discharge from a maternity hospital to the time of your travel back home, your child will be taken care of by a highly skilled pediatrician doctor. Besides, we can provide you with convenient nursing services.

Your surrogate mother will stay under our total control during the entire pregnancy period! In the process of pregnancy your surrogate mother will be attending our clinic regularly to pass all special medical and US-scanning tests. She will be guided by our specialists and psychologists.

La Vita Nova provides all-inclusive legal support. Efficient registration of newborn children, with no long waiting time. Execution, apostillization, translation and notarization of all relevant documents to ensure your successful and soonest travel back home with your child.

The service packages of La Vita Nova do not have any hidden costs! You would not have to effect any upfront payments. Each payment would be made step by step, as your program proceeds.



Hallo! Jetzt gerade, während ich Ihnen schreibe, schläft mein kleiner Engel, mein süßes Baby in ihrer Wiege. Ich verdanke sie LA VITA NOVA.

Stephan Bruk

Hi la vita nova !Today our kids celebrate their first birthday in their life! Exactly one year ago we took our little angels in our arms for the first time.

Sebastian Ciber

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd’hui nous sommes les parents de deux merveilleux enfants grâce à LA VITA NOVA.

Gi Lar

Vi är från Sverige, och eftersom surrogatmödraskap inte är tillåtet här, kontaktade vi många kliniker i flera länder. Vi undersökte dem noggrant ur olika aspekter, och när vi läste hemsidan och fick svar från La Vita Nova i Kharkiv, Ukraina, vi kände att de var särskilt informativa och professionella.

Catherine Lider

Hello all from Catherine! I am from Bulgaria. But I’ve been living with my husband in USA for 10 years now. I looked for a surrogacy. Now that I became mother myself with the assistance of a surrogate mother, I would like to share my own experience with you.



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